5 Benefits of Laundry Service

March 9, 2021

People often outsource their lawn care, house cleaning, window washing, and other tasks that they either don’t have time for, don’t have the experience to do it properly, or simply don’t want to do it. But most people never consider signing up for a laundry service until they actually try out our service and end up loving it!

There’s dozens of benefits to outsourcing your laundry to a professional laundry service such as Wash Bar, however here are the top five benefits of choosing us for your laundry care service:

1) Affordability

Wash Bar charges just $1.35 per pound, which is well below the national average. This includes washing your items in Ozone water, drying in stainless steel dryers with dryer sheets, folding or hanging your clothes and custom packaging your items for easy transport!


2) Convenience

Wash Bar will set a weekly schedule for you and will pick up and drop off your laundry. This completely removes the time and hassle associated with doing your own laundry.


3) Speed

We pick up your laundry and return it to you within 48 hours. That’s quicker than all local cleaners and our cost is a fraction of the cost!


4) Cost

By the time you add up the cost of purchasing a high quality washer and dryer, the cost of running your washer and dryer, the cost of laundry detergent, and the cost of your time to do the laundry, in almost every situation you end up financially ahead by choosing a laundry service to take care of your laundry for you.


5) Professional Results

Our specialty is dealing with your laundry, so we have developed techniques and a wash process to make sure your clothes are gently cleaned, stains are removed, and your clothes are returned to you in pristine condition.

If you still aren’t convinced that our laundry service will make your life easier, contact us to talk with one of our laundry care professionals who can answer any of your specific questions, or if you’re ready to get started click here to visit our sign up page and get started today! Put one or both hands inside a sock and go to town dusting hard-to-reach places like blinds, the back of the tv, the baseboards, ceiling fan blades and more!

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