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What is Ozone Sanitizing?

The Nerdy Answer First…

Are you looking for a commercial laundry service that offers reliable medical facility quality ozone sanitizing? Do you want to sanitize the medical facilities towels, gowns etc. in your clinic, lab or hospital? If yes, let the experts at Wash Bar professionally handle your healthcare facility’s needs.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and sanitizer that kills bacteria and viruses by rupturing their cell wall, leaving no residue on the surfaces of the items being sanitized even the equipment we use. Ozone sanitizing is the most effective way of eradicating microorganisms that exist in not only healthcare facilities but our daily environment. Without proper medical facility ozone sanitizing, the recurring emergence of microorganisms can be expected, posing a threat of an unhealthy environment for patients, family or guests.

Wash Bar offers high-quality medical facility sanitizing service that entails equipment disinfectant and antimicrobial shield. Our state-of-the-art medical facility cleaning service will reduce and eradicate the spreading of viruses and bacteria in your hospital, clinic, lab or urgent care centers. At Wash Bar, our trained staff understands the rudiments of medical facilities cleaning in compliance with the OSHA practices. We employ only safe and effective disinfectants to sanitize medical equipment.

If your medical facility has a need for proper sanitizing of any garments, Wash Bar can help. We are just a call away, contact us today!

Some perks of Ozone
  • White, Soft, and Clean Smelling Linen
  • Kills 99.999% of germs, virus’ and diseases
  • Reduced Drying Times
  • Extends Linen Life
Kills 99.999% of Virus' & Diseases

Our Ozone infusion process is approved by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to kill viruses and bacteria including the Flu Virus, HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis, Coronavirus, mold, mildew, and fungus with a 99.9999% kill rate. It is the STRONGEST reproducible sanitizer known!

Cross Contamination

Never worry about cross contamination from the previous load of laundry. We run ozone through every washer that ensures a sanitized wash for each and every customer.

Harsh Chemical Removal

Removing harsh chemicals from your laundry minimizes fabric wear and tear during a wash cycle. Resulting in brighter colors and more vibrant whites.

Longer Linen Life

When chlorine bleach and hot water are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs that actually damages the fibers of linen? With Ozone, this chemical reaction is eliminated. Our customers have reported that their linen life has increased by 30%!

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