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Why do your own laundry when

 Wash Bar can do it more economically and efficiently? Economize on your time while experiencing the convenience of Wash Bar’s pick up laundry service – laundry pick up and delivery right to your door. *Pickup & Delivery Service is available in select areas.

Doing your own laundry doesn’t make sense – you’re losing dollars to save cents!

Have you fully considered all the costs that go into doing laundry? Washing machines and dryers are expensive and have a steep depreciation curve. Your utilities and cleaning products, not to mention gas and mileage on your car, are all variable costs associated with each and every load of laundry and trip to the laundromat or dry cleaner.

While these costs alone build a strong economic case for outsourcing your laundry and dry cleaning needs, the case becomes clear when factoring in the cost of your time

You Cannot Afford To Do Your Own Laundry

Assuming you earn $15 or more per hour, its easy to see how all expenses considered, a conservative estimate of your total costs exceeds $40. About $20 to $25 in cost is directly related to your time spent! Try our laundry pickup service, and see how it helps you save energy, money and time.

Having made the economic case for you to outsource your laundry to Wash Bar, what exactly is pickup and delivery dry cleaning laundry service, and how does it work? 

 Wash Dry Fold:

For Wash Dry Fold Pickup and Delivery service, we come to your home or workplace to pick up your machine washable laundry. We then professionally wash, dry and fold your order at our laundromat and return it back to you the next business day. Unlike competing laundry delivery services who use third parties to do the processing, at Wash Bar we do all the washing, drying and folding ourselves. Deliveries are made by our drivers in our vehicles. Because we control 100% of our operation you will receive a consistent quality service every single time. 

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