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June 26, 2020

Neat and clean bedding goes a long way in ensuring a healthy, good night’s sleep. Of course, washing bedding regularly can be a challenge merely because of its bulky size which is why these items are best washed at a laundromat instead of at home. They need a lot of space and delicate treatment that can only be assured in a laundromat.

Wondering how to make your task easier at the laundromat? We are here to help! Read on as we give you laundromat tips for washing bedding and other bulky items like comforters, blankets, bedspreads, and so on.

Prepping Quilt, Comforters And Bedding For Laundry

  1. Stains – A bedding does not have too much space to move in the washer as other small items, hence, there is a high probability that the stains won’t get removed. Hence the need to pretreat stains in your bedding before taking it to the laundromat.
  1. Tears – Repair any tear in your bedding at home before taking it for a wash. Otherwise, there is a good chance that a small tear might become a large tear after the wash or all the filling might spill out during the washing process.
  1. Care Labels – Always read the care labels on your bedding, comforter, bedspread, or quilts to be sure you follow the instructions closely otherwise you may end up damaging them.

Washing Bedding At The Laundromat

  1. Machines – Bedding, comforters, and the like are bulky items and require a lot of space when laundered. Commercial washers and dryers in laundromats are perfect for washing these types of items. Choose a machine at the laundromat where your bedding fits in with some space left so that it gets cleaned properly.
  1. Detergent – Using the right detergent for bedding important, as a harsh detergent can harm the filling in your bedding. The amount of detergent you use is also important as too much detergent can leave residues. Select a mild detergent and use an amount that is a little less than normal to ensure a perfect wash!
  1. Drying – You need to make sure that your bedding is dried out properly before you leave the laundromat. While bedding needs more time in the drier, be sure the heat settings are not too high to avoid damage to your bedding. A favorite tip is to use dryer balls or tennis balls to not only assist in an even drying out process but also make your bedding fluffier when it comes out!

Washing Bedding At Wash Bar Is Easy!

Our friendly and professional staff is always here to help you with tips and solve any problems that you face washing bedding or doing laundry at Wash Bar. With new, hi-tech large commercial machines that use less detergent and wash faster, we make doing laundry easy! If you decide you’d like us to do your laundry for you, we offer a great wash and fold service, including washing comforters, quilts, and other large items. Visit our laundromat and leave all your laundry worries to us!

April 1, 2020

When it comes to the products you use to wash your clothes, you have options. And two of the most popular options when it comes to detergent are liquid and powder. Curious as to which type of detergent is better? We’ll break down some of the pros and cons of each:

Liquid Detergent

  • It’s more convenient, as it’s less messy. You just pour what you need to use into the cup and then distribute it into the washer. It’s also packaged more conveniently, so it’s easy to carry, use and reseal in between uses. 
  • It dissolves without hassle because it’s already in liquid form.
  • It can serve as a stain treater when applied directly to stains prior to wash cycles, something that powder detergent often cannot do. 

Powder Detergent

  • It’s effective. While liquid detergent may have many convenience benefits, know that powder detergent is still very effective if you’re buying the right type.
  • It’s cheaper. Liquid detergent typically comes in more convenient packaging, which can be nice — at least up until it comes to price. Powder detergent is typically sold in a box, which makes it a cheaper overall purchase. 
  • Though it’s designed to dissolve, some of it might chunk up in the wash.

The bottom line is that both powder and liquid detergent are great solutions under a few conditions. One, make sure you’re buying the detergent with the ingredients necessary to get your clothes clean. And two, stick to your personal preference. Some cost-conscious consumers might feel that powder is worth the cost savings in the grand scheme of things. Others might prefer the convenience and ease of use of liquid detergent to justify the price increase. It’s all about your personal preference, but know you really can’t go wrong with either.

At Wash Bar, we request you use liquid detergent.

Even though powder detergent can do an adequate job at cleaning your laundry, we find that powder can make a mess and cause build up on the washing machines as well as make for a sticky clean-up.
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