Wash Dry Fold (Fluff And Fold)

Wash Dry Fold Service

wash dry foldWash Bar’s Wash Dry Fold, also called Fluff and Fold, or simply Drop Off Laundry, is the perfect solution to your laundry needs as a busy parent, professional, senior citizen or student. Use drop off laundry and free more of your time and energy to work, play, or just relax. Let Wash Bar wash, dry, and fold your clothes for you!

Simply drop off your laundry and one of our attendants will weigh your incoming order and charge you by weight. After paying, we take care of the rest! Wash Bar’s experienced attendants will separate your laundry into lights and darks, and ensure it is washed in the appropriate water temperature. Your order is always laundered individually.

We Will Notify You Via Text, Email or Phone Call When Your Laundry Is Ready For Pick-Up

Pick-up your neatly folded and packaged laundry (guaranteed next business day before 5 PM if order placed before 12 PM). We strive to earn your future wash and fold orders, and reward your loyalty through our rewards program.

Most orders dropped off by 10am will be returned before close on the same day.

Our Fluff and Fold drop off laundry service also offers same day service (except on Weekends & Holidays) for a slightly higher price on orders placed before 10 AM (guaranteed after 7 PM the same day). We can also wash special items like blankets, comforters, and sleeping bags.  *Hypo-allergenic detergent, upon request.

Too Busy for Wash Dry Fold?

Try our even more convenient laundry pickup service!

Sometimes your busy schedule prevents you from coming to our laundromats to use drop off laundry service, or maybe you want to completely outsource your laundry needs. Wash Bar’s Pickup & Delivery Service has you covered. We pick up your dirty laundry then deliver clean clothes right to your door.

Take a load off and let us do your laundry! Wash Bar’s convenient service allows you to drop off your dirty laundry and pick up your clean and folded clothes.

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Wash Dry Fold Loyalty Rewards

Save money by saving time – literally! The more you use our convenient, time saving Wash Dry Fold service, the more you’ll be rewarded towards your next order.

We Use Eco-Friendly Products & Equipment

At Wash Bar we clean your clothing and linens to the highest standard, and we do so using less resources than the average laundromat.

Sometimes called a “service wash” or “fluff and fold”, wash, dry, fold service is a convenient method of having us do your laundry, saving you time and effort.

Drop off your soiled laundry. You may specify washing and/or drying requirements of items such as to separate them by color, temperature, and degree of agitation. We wash every load with your choice of name brand soap. Out of the dryer, we expertly fold your clothes. We match like clothes to make it easier to put away and we even match your socks!

Consider the value of your time – you can save money by using Wash Bar’s Laundry’s wash, dry, fold service. We’ll eliminate the need for a washer and dryer at home.

Wash, dry, fold service is priced by the pound – based on the weight of your clean laundry (11lb minimum charge). Next day and same day services may be available upon request.


Hundreds of customers use our Wash Dry Fold service every month. Check our some of our 100+ Google Reviews from the past few months.

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